Keeping candles clean burning and safe

Everyone wants the best for their family. Knowing what products are safe and toxin free is overwhelming to say the least. I think a lot about the chemicals that surround us, I think about the growing number of couples that struggle with infertility, the number of children that are born with and develop asthma, allergies, autism, ADHD and why so many of us are plagued with cancers.

Finding luxurious and safe candles for the home has become almost impossible. Finding companies willing to be honest and share their ingredient lists and how they source those ingredients rarely happens.

Words like ‘eco’, 'sustainable', 'natural', (the list goes on) have become meaningless. To me, there is nothing eco, sustainable or natural about growing a crop in chemical fertilizer, processing that crop with hexane (a volatile gasoline by-product and neurotoxin petrochemical solvent), followed by blending that product with more petroleum ingredients to create a wax that does not occur in nature.

Candles with ‘paraben free’ fragrance oil are everywhere, with no mention of what that fragrance is made up of and what has been used in place of those parabens. Fragrance formulas are considered to be one of the top ten allergens, causing severe skin irritation, organ toxicity and reproductive issues to name a few.

And sadly, even some of the ‘pure Beeswax’ candle companies use chlorine bleach and what they call enviro dyes, with no mention of what those dyes are comprised of.

Finding a candle with a wick that hasn't been bleached or processed with chemicals and doesn’t contain a lead or metal core, also proves to be a challenge.

It’s why we started Lux et Terra. I love the warm glow of a candle. I love to watch the light flicker at night and even more, love the beautiful scents of nature to surround me and fill my home. And when I learned that Beeswax can actually purify the air around us, I wanted  to share it with everyone. 

From the very beginning we chose to be transparent and honest. 

We use two ingredients. Vancouver Island Beeswax from a family who have been keeping bees for more than 60 years and organically grown, direct fair trade coconut oil from the Philippines, a partnership with a local company we trust, who supports and uplifts;  with the goal to alleviate poverty.

Our wicks are organically grown hemp and braided by hand.

Our ingredients are raw and unprocessed. They are truly natural and inspired by the beauty that our Mother Earth has spoiled us with. 

We feel proud sharing our candles with families and excited to offer something different... something that is honest and transparent.

Now that we have shared all of the things that ARE in our candle, I’m equally as exited to share all of the things that aren’t. You can always trust the Lux et Terra to be toxin free, chemical free, synthetic fragrance formula free, petroleum free, paraben free and soy free. Safe for your family, always and forever. xo

Elena Roberts